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tall bike

tall bike
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A tall bike is an unusually tall bicycle, typically built for the purpose of fun and recreation, though with occasional practical use.

Modern tall bikes are most commonly constructed by individuals from spare parts. Two conventional bicycle frames are connected, by welding, brazing, or other means, one atop the other. The drive train is reconfigured to connect to the upper set of pedals, and the controls are moved to the upper handlebar area.

Alternatively, a bicycle can be built by inverting the frame, and inserting the forks from the 'wrong side', flipping the rear wheel, and adding a long gooseneck and tall handlebars, then welding a long seatpost tube to the 'bottom' (now the top) of the frame. This type of tall bike is made with only one bike frame, and is often called an upside-down bike rather than a tall bike, though the seat can be quite high, depending on the frame shape used. This type can be somewhat safer, as there is less tubing between the rider's legs and dismounting in a hurry can be easily accomplished.

Tall bikes are a popular mode of transportation for modern 'bicycle clubs' (SCUL, Rat Patrol, Zoobomb, Black Label Bike Club, The Winking Circle, Dead Baby Bikes, C.h.u.n.k. 666, Cyclecide, etc.) and activist groups. They are also a mainstay among builders of Clown bikes, art bikes, Clown alleys and parade groups. Bicycle modification is considered a fun and cheap hobby, and never fails to attract a lot of attention. Most modern cities contain large quantities of unused or abandoned bicycles that provide the raw materials for tall bikes and other mutant cycles.

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